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Reiki/Biodynamic Craniosacral Testimonials

Ardath is an extremely gifted healer. Her work helped me through a very difficult period in my life. I cannot recommend her enough, whether it be for reiki, craniosacral therapy, or massage. She is incredibly intuitive and takes a holistic approach to healing not only the body but also the soul
Ellen R., 5/20/17

Ardath has a God Given gift for healing. She does amazing things for my body- she is the only one who can 'Unwind' me. She does so in a loving, compassionate way. When you are done, you can feel the shift in your body and mind.
Erica M., 5/15/17
Ardath has a wonderful healing touch and great massage techniques. I find her work to be deeply relaxing, soothing and quite blissful! She is a gifted healer, with a warm personality and a lovely space as well.
Anne D., 5/15/17

I went to Ardath after back got injured from a fall. Not just the pain was gone, but I felt relaxed in the very first session of reiki and craniosacral. Ardath is very loving,experienced and the best in her work. I highly recommend her.
Ujvala K., 5/10/17

Today, I received this review for my Reiki/Biodynamic Craniosacral Services from Beth Oliver:
I was skeptical and uneducated about Reiki. When I get a massage, I am accustomed to deep tissue massage, to help an achy over worked body. As Ardath talked about Reiki therapy, the technique and her skills, my interest peaked. When I arrived Ardath was warm and welcoming. I felt comfortable immediately. When Ardath started I quickly realized I had forgotten how to relax, and how to find a calmness. As I started to unwind and find a calm, many things took over my body. Without going into all the details of the physical effects during this therapy, I will summarize; calm, at peace, a feeling of floating, true surges of energy throughout my body, complete and total relaxation. I highly recommend Reiki, and Ardath. Thanks for bringing me back to balance. Just what I needed!
Beth K., Evanston 6.9.15
I visited Ardath with a great deal of emotional stress I wanted to process and release. I got that and more! My injured shoulder, that I have been tending to, was pain free for 3 days after our session. I have received my fair share of energy work and always look forward to my visits with Ardath!
Felicia H., Skokie 10.28.14
Ardath was amazing. Such a relaxing and healing experience. Definitely want more!
Jodi P., Kenilworth, 7.8.14
Highly recommend. Ardath is very professional and experienced. My session was very relaxing and left feeling very upbeat, light and energetic. I had a great night sleep! I plan on going once a week for stress relief and total wellness.
Annette F., Winnetka 6.17.14
Balance and Release. Ardath brought me relaxation, balance, and release last night with my Reiki session. An hour or two after my appointment, I was filled with dynamic energy. I felt very light and free! Wonderful! I will certainly see her again!
K.A.B., Chicago 5.20.14
First Reiki Experience. Yesterday was my first experience with Reiki and I found the session to be informative, and relaxing. As I am going through some post surgery issues with sore muscles, joints etc, I plan on continuing with Reiki along with more traditional physical therapy. On a more personal note, I thought Ardath was open with her knowledge, inquisitive about my specific needs, and an all around kind soul. So in a nutshell, after my first session, my impression was positive things happening in a soothing, creative, and nurturing atmosphere.
Nancy N., Wilmette 3.15.14
The Reiki session was excellent. I could feel the soft electricity come over my body the moment Ardath's hands went above my body. I suffer from chronic knee pain in both knees among other pains. My knees felt better immediately after the session ended. Highly recommend Ardath.
Pamela G., Winnetka 7.20.13
In December 2010 I had a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer. After my surgery, I developed a massive post-operative infection, and was placed on IV antibiotics at home for weeks. I ran a fever every day for a month. The infection kept morphing, so the antibiotics were changed several times, and they all came with severe side effects. I was very, very ill - weak, feverish, unable to eat. A dear friend suggested I see Ardath. I was willing to do almost anything to feel better, and I know that traditional western medicine is not the only path to health. Ardath was kind enough to come to my house and treat me there. The treatment was powerful – I felt the energy in my body move with her movements. That was the last day of my month-long fever. The next day I woke up without the fever pains and chills that had been plaguing me for a month. The infection began to dissipate, and my road to recovery began. These words are completely insufficient, but – thank you, Ardath.
Jodi L., Deerfield 2.20.13
Ardath is professional, personable and kind. My Reiki sessions have been gentle, calming and intuitive. Ardath is amazing! I highly recommend her as a consultant for personal growth, with people in need i.e. with dementia, and for caregivers. Thanks Ardath!
Joanne M., Chicago 2.1.13
I have seen Ardath on multiple occasions and she is absolutely fabulous! My most recent Reiki session with her was one week after the death of my boyfriend. I needed an overall calming, relaxing energy lift and that is what I got. She spoke words of wisdom to help me through my grief. I highly recommend Ardath! She is a God Send to us all!
Kristin Brown, Chicago, Illinois (Wilmette Public Schools Elementary Teacher), 7.23.12

My injury first occurred 10 years ago when training to play collegiate football in the off season of my senior year of high school. At 17 I had become entrenched in power lifting and by 18 I was putting up extremely high numbers on bench, squat, and power cleans. After taking a 5 day break for recovery, everything hit me and came to the forefront in my body.

One morning I woke up and immediately collapsed, after trying to tough it out, I eventually gave in and went to a doctor only to find out I had a multitude of issues with my back. I was diagnosed with asymmetry in my spine, shmorl nodes, 2 slipped discs, a pinched nerve, dehydration in spine, and micro tears throughout the muscles in my back.

After this, I ended up putting on 80 lbs over the next 10 years. I'd diet, work out, and then due to intense pain or tweaking something in my back, I'd have to give up.

I recently decided to give this journey one last big effort and commit to changing my life around and that consisted of trying things I normally would not. After my first session with Ardath, I can say that this became a defining moment in my life. For the first time in my life I saw things with clarity, I had better understanding of how to live in the moment, and most importantly I lost sight of the pain my back.

I spent 10 years dealing with pain in my back and now I have been pain free for almost 6 weeks. The only thing I feel now is soreness, but the good kind of sore, from workouts.

During my time with Ardath, I also experience 2 kidney stones. I was in horrible pain for 5 days, luckily on the day before I had to go in to get them removed, I went and saw Ardath and we focused on the stones. After leaving her office I felt that same horrible pain. Right when I got home, the first thing I did was go to the bathroom and to my relief…..I passed one of the stones. Later that night I ended up going to the ER again because of pain, and again to my relief, I passed the second stone.

Whether you believe in miracles or not, my journey thus far has been nothing short of one. Life presents us with all sorts of opportunities to try something new, to learn, to grow, and to better ourselves. I can say whole heartedly, that having the opportunity to meet Ardath and work with her, is a defining moment in my life and has changed me for now and forever. Her work has impacted me more positively than a life time of working with orthopedic specialists who always told me that my injuries would limit me.
Ric C. 6.11.2012
Hi Ardath! I've been meaning for a while to contact you, but things have been crazy busy a good way.
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for everything you have done for me, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Since I last saw you things have improved tremendously. I've been running almost every day for the last month, and at least 5 times a week for the last 8 weeks. I even started racing again - I set personal bests in both the 5k and half marathon distances in April. My friends are totally blown away - they can't understand how I went from not being able to run a mile for most of January and February to running fast times in April...but to be honest with you I'm not all that surprised. I knew something special was taking place when I came to see you and I just had a feeling that if I could get healthy that I was going to come back really strong.
On a more personal note, I feel like a lot of other things are falling into place as well. Overall I've just felt much more at peace with things.

I readily admit that I don't fully understand or comprehend your practice. But I am a believer. You were exactly the person I needed at exactly the time I needed you and I have no doubt our meeting was not by accident. Often when I am out running, I think about things we talked about and being open and letting go, but something else is happening too - when I am out there on my own, smelling the fresh air, doing something I love...I am thinking about God. I get these crazy surges of emotion (I am fighting back tears thinking of this now while my students are taking tests! Hah!) and when I get them it just warms my heart and lets me know He is near. I know now what gets me out the door every day - running makes me feel closer to God.

You helped me get back out and run...but more importantly, you brought me closer to God. For that, I can never, ever thank you enough.
Kevin H. Wilmette, 5.1.2012
It was wonderful! I felt relaxed and grounded after the session in a subtle yet profound way. My wife commented that I was more open than usual that evening.
Doug R., Highland Park, 6.1.2012
Dear Ardath:
It was so nice spending time with you again and to have the opportunity to thank you for the reiki treatment you performed on my wrist. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, but you made a believer out of me. Your treatment transformed my pain from chronic and annoying to non-existent. And, it's been this way for over a year. I can't thank you enough. Stay well. Regards, Lita
Lita Blachman, 4.4.12, Chicago
My dear friend,
Today my husband Bruce had his radiation treatment, and I credit you and Reiki for getting us to it. He was so terribly sick and weak from pneumonia, but absolutely had to have the brain MRI in order to have the radiation. We are on a fast fight against time, and this was imperative. An MRI requires that the patient lie flat and be still, but that is nearly impossible with the shortness of breath and coughing from pneumonia. You volunteered to send distance Reiki. He had not slept much at all due to coughing, and even that was only by sitting upright in a chair. I sat in the room with him during the procedure (sending Reiki as well) and was almost in tears watching him just fall asleep. He barely coughed at all and the technicians were able to get the data needed by the Radiation Oncologist to prepare the plan for today. Now that it's done, we can move on to the next phase of his treatment and you know you will play a part in that as well!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! Love you, JaniceJanice D., 3.27.2012, Glen Ellyn
Thanks Ardath, for a relaxing session that energized me for the rest of the day!
Sherri S. Wilmette, 3.14.12 ________________________________________
ardath...what can i say..that was so profound have a gift... a healer....i was almost speechless when i left yesterday the work was so amazing to me its not easy to put into words.....anyway i'll see you that's about all i can say ..xxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooome
Melissa P., Winnetka 1.29.12 ________________________________________
Ardath is fabulous! She is an expert and her field. She is gentle and kind and lovely. Thanks Ardath!Joanne M., Chicago 10.13.11
I have known Ardath for many many years and have recently been treated to her Reiki skills. Earlier in the year I became a widow, and decided to have Ardath help me work through my grief. I came to the Reiki session with an open mind not really expecting much, and then, to my delight, found a weight lifted from my sadness. Ardath is compassionate, and her healing touch brought a welcome respite from what normalcy had become.
Jean L., Evanston 9.15.11
_________________________________________ Ardath is so gifted. The session left me with room to breath again, relaxed, relieved, energized and grounded. I feel connected and so grateful to have such an incredible intuitive and energy healer work with me. I have had lots of reiki...Nothing that even comes close to as good as this.
Cari J., Glenview 9.2.11
It was so wonderful! Thanks Ardath! It really helped me both emotionally and physically. You have been so generous. I will definitely book something with you in the future. And will, of course, refer you heartily! Thanks again!
Claire C., Chicago 7.13.11
Perfect! Ardath did a fabulous job. It was so cool asking questions of my guides and loved ones. I received validation regarding my path. Thanks!
Joanne M., Evanston 6.3.2011 ________________________________________
I went to see Ardath about 4 weeks after I had injured my back. In the meantime, I had seen my internist and had been referred for physical therapy. I was very faithful doing the daily PT exercises, but they didn't seem to be helping. Eventually, my sister recommended Ardath and by the time I made an appointment, my right hip and knee were also hurting! I had 3 Reiki treatments within a week -- after which about 95% of the pain was gone! I didn't need to use the muscle relaxers or the pain medication which my doctor had prescribed. I must admit that I don't really understand exactly how Reiki affects the healing process. But from my perspective, the results have been remarkable.
Judith M.,5.3.11 ________________________________________
I am typing this with one hand, my right, because over the past week I injured my left shoulder and rotator cuff. The pain was so bad that it hurt (throbbing and aching) even when I wasn't moving. I couldn't move to get dressed the pain was so bad. I have missed an entire week of work which I have NEVER done.
Ardath came to my home 2 days this week to give me healing Reiki. Now, after 2 sessions with her, my shoulder doesn't hurt unless I move it. I can actually use my left hand in a small range of motion. I am following Ardath's suggestion and doing NOTHING for the next 3 days. I am so impressed with her skill that I am referring my sister to her for healing of a back injury. Ardath truly has a gift!
Celia M., Wilmette 4.15.11
Ardath provides the unbelievably wonderful service of healing. Reiki was a new modality of healthcare for me back in 1999 when I began to see her. I must admit I was a bit of a sceptic until I became a regular client. Over many years and many treatments, Ardath has helped me through many difficult times by providing much needed healing. Of course my scepticism went away and I am a true believer. I have seen Ardath perform Reiki on others as well and the results are always amazing. Plus, she is an wonderful professional person and it is always a joy to spend healing time together. I strongly recommend her services.
Danny Kopelson, Chicago, 2.25.11
Hope During Difficult Times. My mother recently was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer and she was feeling very weak. Ardath did Reiki on her and re-energized my mother and also brought her deep relaxation during a very anxious time. I am so grateful to her for helping my mother in her symptoms and in bringing hope back into our lives. My mother felt significantly better after her time with Ardath and I highly recommend her.
Lamees K., Chicago, 12.13.10

This was my first appointment with Ardath. I had never met her before but trusted the recommendation of my friend. Since "I live in my head a lot", my head has been processing this experience and I find it amazing that Ardath has such skill to reduce stress and develop deeper understanding of how to let it go. This has been a very stressful year and I look forward to my next appointment. I think it will be very meaningful.
Stevey S., Glen Ellyn, 11.14.10

I came in for a session prior to oral surgery, which I was anxious about. I left the session feeling relaxed and calm about the upcoming surgery, which went quickly and smoothly with no complications. In fact, I fell asleep ten minutes into the appointment, which truly reflects how calm I was; even the periodontist was surprised!
Diana I, Wilmette, 11/7/2010

OMG! You're an Angel! I am a very happy girl today. Seriously - it is almost freaky how much better my neck is. Very little pain, and I always have some, so I might just miss it if it wasn't there. I won't wait a month to have another session. :)
Janice D., Wilmette, 11.3.10

After having my first full Reiki session with Ardath, I can actually breathe better and more deeply. In addition my lower back and elbows where hurting, bone pain and now the pain has subsided. I have bad anxiety and today feel a sense of clarity and am less anxious. I actually slept better for the first time in months. Ardath intuitively worked on areas that I did not even let on that I were painful, and the Reiki helped to push away the pain.
Cathie M., Wilmette, 11.2.10

March 2009 I realized I had lost my sense of smell and taste. I had nothing. No differentiation between smells, nothing. I went the regular course, doctors, specialists, tests, cat scans, brain scans, etc. No one found anything. I had no reason for this loss, no injury or anything like that. I didn't know what to do to help with this issue. I decided to try some alternative medicines(what did I have to lose?). I tried acupuncture which did nothing for my senses.
I started Reiki with Ardath May 2010. I now have an overall sense of well being and am more relaxed. I feel more centered, just an overall sense of well being. And I began to realize my sense of smell and taste were coming back. I definitely have several tastes and smells that are recognizable now. Even those smells that I cannot recognize, I do sense a different smell. (As before, I would say my senses were a flat line – no difference). I look forward to every session with Ardath and my husband has even stated that I am more calm overall. This calmness is an overall change, not just for the day that I have the session, but for a long time.
I would recommend to try Reiki for any issues. Even if you don't have any problems, just for the overall calmness and peace and sense of well being you receive.
Virginia P., Northbrook, IL 8.12.2010

I came to Ardath with a large, painful, swollen bruise on my leg from a biking accident I had. The injury was a couple weeks old but was taking forever to go down. Ardath worked on me for about 1/2 hour. I saw an immediate improvement in my leg. The swelling was down significantly and the overall size was much smaller. When I woke up the next morning, there was even more improvement. I have to say, she turned me into a "believer!!"
Michelle Elster, Lincolnwood, IL 7.14.2010

'I was a Reiki "virgin" until I met Ardath - I am so glad she was my first! What a wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating experience. For me it felt like the calming feeling of chi flowing that I experience during a great acupuncture session, but without the needles. Ardath is inviting and comforting in her approach and process. I highly recommend Ardath for Reiki. Find out for yourself - you are in for a treat!'
Ellen Rogin, Highland Park, IL 9.17.2009

I have known Ardath for many years and have witnessed her growth to Reiki Master and now the owner of Reiki by Ardath. It was destined. I have been enjoying Reiki for many years and have experienced a number of practioners, but none as powerful and thoughtful as Ardath. I usually visit Ardath filled with anxiety and stress. I leave feeling 100% better and better able to face the world and live. I highly recommend Reiki by Ardath.
Danny K., Chicago, IL, 5.8.2010

I've been getting Reiki treatments for years from various Reiki Masters. Ardath is wonderful and clearly has a gift. I came away from my session "floating" -- letting go of all my worries -- very relaxed. Slept very soundly last night after my session. Would definitely recommend Ardath!
Margie G., Wilmette, IL, 4.17.2010
I wasn't sure what I wanted from this experience, but it was calming and wonderful. I could feel the stiffness in my back just float away. I could certainly recommend this.
Gail G., Wilmette, IL 3.19.2010 ________________________________________
I came to my first session with little prior knowledge of Reiki, but I needed spiritual healing. I got what I had come for. I felt instantly that my path to centering and balance was cleared and I also experienced a sense of letting go and great relief. I signed up for two more sessions, and I do believe I am hooked. I would recommend Ardath to my friends and for anyone seeking balance and reconnecting with the body.
Sally B., Kenilworth, IL 3.12.2010
The relief from my everyday stress is amazing. Each time we do a reiki session, I think that I'd like one daily. Thank you for your gentle, relaxing, warm hands.
Debbie K., Evanston, IL
Dear Ardath,
I can not begin to tell you about the positive effects of your Reiki treatment. That evening I felt as if a black cloud had been lifted. I hadn't even realized how insanely stressed I was getting and how I was overworking myself and even creating more stress. I guess when I go to a healer what I need is an "energy shift" and I totally got that from your treatment.
Physically, some interesting things happened-- the "bug" that I've been fighting off progressed rather quickly through my system after the Reiki treatment. Dizziness and headaches were 100% gone.
Thanks again,
Anne Discepolo, Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher, Richmond, IL
I've known Ardath for many years on a professional level and recently had the opportunity to experience her therapeutic Reiki skills. Truly a wonderful stress relieving experience, Ardath has the ability to connect the mind and body to help her clients reach states that really begin to heal. Her mix of listening skills, experience with the art of Reiki, and true caring for your well being will leave you amazingly relaxed. I highly recommend Ardath for your healing needs, it will be a memorable experience.
Chris O., Naperville, IL
I've known Ardath professionally for some time now. She has a very deep insight into personal energy. Even a light treatment by her had immediate effects for me.
Mike S., Evanston, IL
______________________________________I am a complete newbie about Reiki and similar non-traditional therapeutic methods, but Ardath came highly recommended, so I tried a session with her. All I can say is wow! I really felt like something intensely relaxing was happening, and afterwards it felt like I just finished the best massage ever. Since then I've had a few more sessions that were equally as satisfying, and she even did a "distance Reiki" with me over the phone when I was feeling too poorly to come in. I can't explain it but that session worked almost as well, and I recovered from the cold I had in about half the time it usually takes me. (Yes that could well be complete coincidence, but it made an impression on me anyway.)
AM C., Chicago, IL
I would highly recommend having a session with Ardath. Experienced or brand new to Reiki; you will be in for a treat !! I felt refreshed, recharged and in a very good place. .. You won't be disappointed. Thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of Reiki! Ar; Thanks again for a great experience! Heather S., Chicago, IL
Ardath is a highly sensitive + intuitive healer who uses her ability for the complete benefit of her clients. Today, she helped me heal a sprained rib muscle. On past occasions she has worked on surgical recovery + emotional healing w/me. Each time I have regained my mobility quickly w/reduced pain. She also inspired me to study Reiki + has generously shared her breadth of knowledge with me. I highly recommend her Reiki classes!
Arlene Z., Skokie, IL

Massage Therapy Testimonials

My family & I have been getting our massages from Ardath for over a year now, and there I am out of words to describe how valuable those visits have been. Ardath's complete understanding of Human Anatomy is invaluable & of tremendous help to someone like me who is into heavy weightlifting.
Kayenn K., 5/19/17
I can't say enough good things about Ardath! Her massage work is far superior than any I have experienced in Chicagoland! I will never consider going anywhere else. Ardath is sensitive to her clients needs and will do her best to work out those knots!! Believe me she can do it. Her reiki service is also amazing and the most healing experience one can imagine.

No need to go to the overpriced spas for body work. Go see Ardath!!!
Susan S. 5/10/17

One of the best Massages i must have got in ages.
My body was sore and one deep tissue by Ardath and I instantly felt the relief. Very effective and soothing to body and mind.
I highly recommend everyone to at least try it once to see the difference.
​Lakshmi K., 5/9/17
Ardath is a kind, loving and intuitive massage therapist

Her sensitivity and gentle nature comes through in her work and she is giving of herself to help you feel better!
You can't ask for much more.
Linda S. 5/9/2017
I started seeing Ardath for massage therapy as a result of some severe neck pain and stiffness. My mobility and range of motion were greatly affected. My weekly massage appointments with Ardath not only relieved my pain, but I quickly began to see a dramatic difference in my range of motion. Ardath's intuitive nature and experience in many forms of energetic healing, provide her with a deep understanding of the human body making her a wonderful massage therapist.
Lori S, 11/21/16 Evanston

Animal Reiki Testimonials (translated for us from their two legged caregivers)

A Calming Presence:
Ardath gives Reiki treatments to my two dogs. One of the dogs is old and deaf. She immediately relaxes and enjoys the attention and touch. The other dog is kinetic, tenacious and takes on much of the older dog's responsibilities. The Reiki treatment is especially a gift for her as her stress seems to leave and she completely relaxes. I can see it in her eyes. Both of the dogs always sleep quite well after Ardath's visit. Lea M, 10/21/12 Northfield

Intuitive/Tarot Reading Testimonials

She's extraordinary!!!
Barbara S. 9/13/2017

The tarot card session with Ardath was uplifting. Looking forward to all the good things she read coming to pass. Ardath exudes balance and energy, and is a delight to speak with.
Pat M. 7/8/2013

Clarity: Ardath is a gifted healer. I had a tarot reading yesterday for clarity on how to proceed with my life as well as direction for physical healing. I not only received direction but insight as to what is actually going on causing my health issues. Ardath is compassionate and so loving with a great sense of humor. Highly intuitive and connected. She is priceless. I recommend her highly. Bless you Ardath.
Eva H. 5/11/2013

Very Insightful:
I had a tarot reading with Ardath and her message was very clear and precise. It was insightful and revealing in regards to my life at this moment as well as to how things will unfold in the months to come. She is very clear and connected. I am so grateful for her gift and will set up a Reiki appointment for more healing in my physical body. Eva H. 9/18/12

Ardath offered intuitive wisdom and guidance in a reading session with me. I was struggling to understand a particular facet of my psyche better and came with a question. I left with clarification that was at the same time unexpected and yet not surprising. It rang true once I heard it, yet I don't think I would have been able to see it for myself. For this I am very grateful for her gifts that she shares.
Therese H., 10/2/12

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